Monday, 31 May 2010

Top 5 Bizarro Films w/ The Film Connoisseur

Part of the philosophy behind The Celluloid Highway is to seek out those roads of cinematic endeavour that are less well travelled. We all enjoy the odd Hollywood blockbuster, but my interest lies in more esoteric and obscure territory. I dont devote myself entirely to the transgressive and challenging exploration of cult or paracinematic films, because there is a lot of other interesting and equally challenging material out there, but there is a certain inexplicable excitement and pleasure with the discovery of another taboo busting piece of filmic savagery. With that in mind The Celluloid Highway once again hooked up with fellow blogger The Film Connoisseur to compile a second (in a hopefully regular) countdown of our Top 5 most bizarro or weird films. Previously we offered up interested readers our Top 5 stand alone science-fiction movies, and we both enjoyed this and thought it went down well, so hopefully readers can add a few more titles to their rental or shopping lists with this second countdown. The rules for inclusion were even wider this time, but strangely I had no difficulty in pinning down my selections - this is largely due to the fact that a film with truly weird imagery, or a bizarre tone and atmosphere, will stick in the mind more stringently. It also didnt suprise me that most of my selections were first viewed between the ages of 18-25 - as we get older so our sensibillities  harden. Each day this week The Film Connoisseur will be publishing the countdown until the revealing of our No 1 choices - last time our No 1's were identical, but this time I think it will be very different. Be sure to check out Franco's blog, it is one of my favourites, and I'm sure it would be one of yours.

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  1. You guys hit on a ton of films I have somehow managed to miss, but a winning list overall Shaun!


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