Friday, 28 October 2011

A Super(natural) Halloween Collaboration

Regular visitors to The Celluloid Highway may well have noticed a little image in the sidebar promoting a very special Halloween collaboration. I was invited by my erstwhile colleague Franco of the effervescent and consistently informative blog The Film Connoisseur to contribute to a themed post exploring the esoteric nature of the supernatural in film. My brief was to provide five obscure and interesting British examples. Also along for the ride was my good friend and Lone Wolves collaborator Brian Bankston of Cool Ass Cinema and Nottingham’s finest film expert Neil Fulwood of The Agitation of the Mind. It was a pleasure to partake in another excellent collaboration, and I thank Franco for extending me the invite.

 Head on over if you dare!!


  1. Sorry about the typo on your name in the banner with the Ouija Board, I didnt notice it until Neil posted it on his blog! But hey man thanks for collaborating! The post turned out great and your choices were great too, I need to see a couple of them urgently. Thanks again!

  2. I didn't notice Franco! But it is such a world famous brand name now (I believe it has just overtaken Coca Cola!) that everyone would know what you mean. I enjoyed taking part and I'm very glad you invited me. This latest collaboration has been a long time coming, let's not wait so long next time :-) Any ideas, you know where I am.


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