Thursday, 6 October 2011

David Lynch - Title Screens


  1. Beautiful stuff! I particularly like Eraserhead and Lost Highway.

  2. Cheers James...I kept in mind your suggestion and Lynch was well worth doing. I'd nominate either DUNE or BLUE VELVET I think.

  3. Another great post!

    For some reason the opening shot of the static in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me gives me an intense sense of foreboding, much more so than the rest of the movie and definitely more so than the television opening.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Jayme!

    I totally agree with the sense of foreboding that is rapidly established in FIRE WALK WITH ME. Much to Lynch's credit he maintains that sensation throughout. It has the feel of a true horror film. Not in the generic sense, but in a sense of undiluted dread and apprehension. The same can be said for ERASERHEAD.


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