Friday, 30 September 2011

Mario Bava - Title Screens

Many thanks to David Chisholm of Lara and the Reel Boy for the title screen of Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs.


  1. Diabolik is pure coolness.

    Lisa and the Devil is without a doubt one of Bava's most incomprehensible films ever, but I love it just the same.

  2. Thanks for stopping by buddy...I really like the elaborately designed titles for BLACK SABBATH and THE WHIP AND THE BODY, I'd also nominate PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES as one that stands out in this gallery. As for my favourite Bava film of all time? Somewhat controversially I've always loved SHOCK.

  3. Nice selection, Shaun! Although not sure I would have included either GIANT OF MARATHON or especially NEBRASKA JIM since he only did second unit on the latter. There's really nothing in the film other than a couple photographic touches that resemble his work. Decent, if standard western, though. I'd say it was the best of the Ken Clark westerns. He should have went much farther than he did. GIANT OF MARATHON is a favorite of mine in its genre. Some strikingly bloody violence, too, for 1959.

    MARK OF SATAN and THREE FACES OF FEAR are tied for my fave Bava's with KILL BABY KILL trailing. Personally, I think Bava lost his touch in the 70s. He seemed to experiment with this and that, but nothing seemed to resemble his earlier works in either ingenuity or that special fantasy quality he possessed then. Even his return to gothic horror, BARON BLOOD, was somewhat sloppy and half hearted. Some good scenes, but it paled in comparison to his 60s works, in my opinion.

    Regarding GIRL BOMBS, you can rent it on amazon for $2 or buy it for $10 as an instant video. Link below...

  4. Hi Brian - I included GIANT OF MARATHON and NEBRASKA JIM simply because I'm unlikely to include either film in a future Title Screen post. I thought I'd take advantage of Bava's association with both films to give them a little exposure here.

    Bava's reputation of course rests with the luridly photographed pictures of the 60's, and I think one of the key differences in his 70's output is a certain visual blandness. I've always found A BAY OF BLOOD and BARON BLOOD to be visually flat...the same for SHOCK. There are exceptions to this in the 1970's (HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON, LISA AND THE DEVIL), but I've always thought when Bava's visual presentation falters, then so does the film as a whole.

    Thanks for the link, but being in the UK I don't think I'll be able to take advantage of the rental scheme.

  5. I agree. I do like some of his 70s movies, they just didn't have that magical touch his earlier pictures did. Changing of the times, I suppose. LISA & THE DEVIL was a surreal experience, but I found the movie to be really boring. Oddly enough, I actually was more entertained by the bastardized HOUSE OF EXORCISM version, but do think the LISA version is much better made.

  6. I found LISA & THE DEVIL tedious as well...I haven't sat through its bastard offspring THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM...and I suspect I never will. A lot of Italian filmmakers from this period live and die by their visual stylistics. Not just those working in popular cycles I might add.

  7. I adore these Shaun. I will be pinching them when i get home from work. Upsetting you and Venoms5 find Lisa tedious. I've watched it so many times now due to studying it, its very close to my heart. In my humble opinion HOE is inferior but interesting to see.


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