Monday, 19 September 2011

Dario Argento - Title Screens

US Trailer Title Screen

Cat O' Nine Tails - US Trailer Title

The Five Days of Milan - Italian Trailer Title

Deep Red - US Trailer Title

Suspiria - International Trailer Title

Inferno - US Trailer Title

Tenebrae - US Trailer Title

Phenomena - US Trailer Title

Opera - US Trailer Title

Two Evil Eyes - US Trailer Title

Trauma - US Trailer Title

The Stendhal Syndrome - US Trailer Title

The Phantom of the Opera - US Trailer Title

Sleepless - Italian Trailer Title

The Card Player - International Trailer Title

Mother of Tears - US Trailer Title

Many thanks to James Gracey for the title screen of Giallo, please visit his excellent blog Behind the Couch for some great film reviews.


  1. Great idea for a regular feature, Shaun. I reckon Cronenberg's and Lynch's title screens would make for interesting viewing too.
    I particularly like Opera, Tenebrae, Phenomena and Four Flies.

  2. Cheers James...I've made a note of Cronenberg and Lynch for the future - great suggestions. I really like FOUR FLIES as well, that has to the best I think. I would give the silver medal to OPERA.

  3. Freeking love OPERA, that screen shot reminded me of it. Argento's last great film..

  4. I'm curious to see how his version of DRACULA will turn out. Supposed to be in 3D last I read. MOTHER OF TEARS was on cable a few nights ago. I managed to see the ending credits, lol.

  5. Well as Franco noted above Brian, Argento hasn't made an important film since 1987's OPERA. So the odds DRACULA 3D being any good are remote. When you also add the fact that DRACULA itself has proved problematic in adapting for cinema, and the fact that Argento's talentless daughter Asia is in the cast ones hopes dwindle.

  6. A terrific idea, Shaun. Argento's opening title sequences are consistently great, even as his films have become largely inconsequential over the past two decades.

    And here's a great title sequence from one of Argento's lesser known projects!

  7. @ Johnny - Cheers mate, I shall continue with it then. I have another planned for today. Excellent clip, I've never seen that before. His finest production for 20 years!

    @ Jayme - Many thanks...more to come :-)


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