Monday, 30 April 2012

Poll Results - May Film Reviews

The results are in, and the die has been cast. For the majority of April a poll has been in operation to determine two of the films I will be reviewing in May. This new innovation to The Celluloid Highway seems to have met with a favourable and enthusiastic response, and I’ve decided to make it a regular feature. I often find that one of the trickiest aspects of undertaking a blog such as this is actually deciding what films to review. There is no rhyme or reason to my choices aside from the fact that I have no interest in writing about average movies. I much prefer discussing films that are either very good or very bad. The eight films chosen for this recent poll hopefully reflect this. I also like the idea of knowing that each month I will at least be writing about a couple of films that I know someone out there would like to see discussed on this site. So without further delay, here are the full results for the April poll;

01 LADYHAWKE (1985) – 5 Votes (29%)
02 MELANCHOLIA (2011) – 4 Votes (23%)
03 THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK (1971) – 4 Votes (23%)
04 DUST DEVIL (1992) – 2 Votes (11%)
05 BARE BEHIND BARS (1980) – 1 Vote (5%)
06 IT’S ALIVE (1974) – 1 Vote (5%)
07 BLUE THUNDER (1983) – 0 Votes (0%)
08 THE CARS THAT ATE PARIS (1974) – 0 Votes (0%)

Richard Donner’s fantasy fable Ladyhawke was a clear winner, but there is a tie for second place between Melancholia and The Panic in Needle Park. Therefore the first person to leave a comment on this post can choose which of the two will be reviewed. If nobody comments I’ll flip a coin at a later date. In the best tradition of football league tables the bottom two are relegated, with a total lack of interest in these titles they will never again feature in a future poll, but they may still get reviewed at some point. The remaining films all live to fight another day and may be used again in a future ballot.


  1. I'll vote for Panic in Needle Park. I've read enough about Melancholia.

  2. Dig the site. I know I'm too late for the poll, but my vote would have been for Dust Devil. I love that movie.

  3. I just watched Melancholia and thought I was going to have to eat my own thumbs out of boredom. Go Needle Park.

  4. Many thanks for the comments folks! - James1511 got in there first and he chose PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK, so it'll have to be that one :-)

  5. I can't believe 'Bare Behind Bars' received only a single vote! (I assume it was mine...?) :(

    In the happy tradition of the 'Ludovico Treatment', we were given the rare chance to subject Shaun to more shamelessly exploitative cinematic sleaze, which - after his disgusted response to 'The New York Ripper' - would no doubt have been a sheer delight!

    Indeed, I'm tempted to offer my own poll list of films for Shaun to view (for the month of June), so as to deny him such an easy escape next time... ;)

  6. Good! Glad James spared me from having to read about a movie I will probably never see! I have no interest in seeing the aforementioned (though never by me!) film staring that lackluster actress from that terrible Ann Rice adaptation I will also not mention on these hallowed pages. Gad! Why anyone would watch such a film is beyond my reckoning!

    Bravo, James! You have my sword...

  7. @ Johnny - I was actually more amazed at IT'S ALIVE receiving one vote. When I drew up the list I felt sure that would win. Of the eight BARE BEHIND BARS would have probably been the most punishing for me! I've seen it before, but would have had to watch it again in order to review it...a fate worse than MELANCHOLIA!

    @ Greg - I have to admit I was also glad that NEEDLE PARK got the nod. I'm not a big fan of Von Trier, and the thought of sitting through another of his interminable efforts filled me with a nauseating dread. I have to say I'm very pleased with the outcome of this poll...I will end up writing about two films that I enjoy, and in LADYHAWKE, have a certain amount of affection for.

  8. Dust Devil are making some big signings next season - I reckon they're a good tip...


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