Friday, 11 March 2011

Empire Pictures Poster Gallery

A selection of excellent poster images from the production arm of Charles Band's Empire Pictures...Enjoy!

THE ALCHEMIST (Charles Band, 1984)

GHOULIES (Luca Bercovici, 1985)

TRANCERS (Charles Band, 1985)

SAVAGE ISLAND (Nicholas Beardsley, 1985) - Portugese/Spanish poster

ZONE TROOPERS (Danny Bilson, 1985)

RE-ANIMATOR (Stuart Gordon, 1985)

TROLL (John Carl Buechler, 1986)

ELIMINATORS (Peter Manoogian, 1986)

TERRORVISION (Ted Nicolaou, 1986)

GHOST WARRIOR (J. Larry Carroll, 1986)

CRAWLSPACE (David Schmoeller, 1986)

FROM BEYOND (Stuart Gordon, 1986)

VICIOUS LIPS (Albert Pyun, 1987)

DOLLS (Stuart Gordon, 1987)

THE CALLER (Arthur Allan Seidelman, 1987)

CREEPOZOIDS (David DeCoteau, 1987)

BUY & CELL (Robert Boris, 1987)


PRISON (Renny Harlin, 1988)

ASSAULT OF THE KILLER BIMBOS (Anita Rosenberg, 1988)

GHOST TOWN (Richard Governor, 1988) - West German poster

GHOULIES II (Albert Band, 1988)

ARENA (Peter Manoogian, 1989)

ROBOT JOX (Stuart Gordon, 1990)

SPELLCASTER (Rafal Zielinksi, 1992)


  1. Dude you've got to appreciate a good Empire poster! I saw an AMAZING Re-Animator poster when I went in for the set visit for Full Moon on Evil Bong 3, the poster must have been 8' and was one of the best depictions I had scene. It was definitely Eastern European, not sure what country?

  2. The posters were often better than the films themselves. Of the films in this poster gallery for example only TRANCERS,FROM BEYOND, RE-ANIMATOR and DOLLS were any good. The poster you saw Carl may well have been Polish, the designs were often incredibly abstract and strange...thanks for stopping by!

  3. I left my blog site in spanish:

    (I made a post about Empire Picture & Full Moon Entertainment)

  4. Thank you Federico - I shall be sure to check it out.

  5. Some nice artwork, but lousy movies for the most part. ZONE TROOPERS is atrocious. I do have affection for Band's earlier PARASITE, the 3D gore/monster movie with Demi Moore. GHOST WARRIOR is a pretty decent movie, too, actually. I used to have an original RE-ANIMATOR poster. Not anymore, I'm afraid. I no longer have any of my old horror posters save for a few I picked up at a later age. My grandparents became increasingly alarmed at my interest in such things in the mid to late 80s. There were news reports everywhere that violent movies were making people kill and such things as that. I had so many horror movie posters, I had them adorning my ceiling in my room. Needless to say, my grandparents burned them all as they thought they were a bad influence on me. I used to get them from the local movie theater and a video store I often frequented after school. I guess they never paid any attention to my hobby till such crap was being splattered all over television on the news and tabloid TV shows like the fake Morton Downey Jr. Show.

  6. I have to admit my parents always indulged my interest in the horror genre. They had too really, because my first introduction to it came from them. This was my discovery of James Herbert's THE FOG, which I eagerly devoured in about two days at the age of 11, and then my father mischeviously inviting me to watch THE SHINING with him when I was around 12. I've only ever had one horror poster on my bedroom wall and that was for THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, the memorabilia of film is not something I've ever really got into. I struggle enough to afford the films I want to add to my film library! But I'm in total agreement about both the quality of the artwork presented here, and the quality of the films...thanks for the comment Brian!

  7. The posters I never had to pay for. The video store gave me whatever I wanted and the movie theater would hand over a poster if you asked them. I used to have this great TCM part 2 standee of Leatherface holding his chainsaw atop a lump of skulls. I also had a promo item for that film in the form of Texas Chainsaw Chili! Thankfully, all my Fangoria magazines survived. My grandparents put those under lock and key and I eventually got them back as I got a little older, say 13 or 14 I think it was. My dad never cared what I looked at. He didn't care about anything, really, although he did question my interest in seeing the original TCM when it first hit video and went over the deep end after he watched about 30 minutes of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, a tape I had bought from Mondo Video.

  8. It sounds like you had a great video store. We used to have membership for about 5 video rental places and I spent many hours simply looking at the covers and reading the cover blurb while my older brother played on the arcade games. On a Saturday my parents would rent two films; one for them and one for us. I always remember my dad refusing to let us watch THE TERMINATOR..we had GHOSTBUSTERS instead which wasn't a bad compromise at all.

  9. Empire's output was no better or worse than Cannon, FVI, Atlantic, New World or any other uppity genre indie from the 1980's (bar AVCO-Embassy, who were a definite cut above). ZONE TROOPERS can't be called atrocious by anybody who truly loves b-movies and the likes of FROM BEYOND, CRAWLSPACE, GHOST TOWN, PRISON, THE CALLER, DOLLS, RE-ANIMATOR, INTRUDER and TRANCERS still entertain.

    True, they probably only made a couple of truly GREAT movies and churned out a lot of crap (NECROPOLIS, DREAMANIAC, GALACTIC GIGOLO), but a fair few of their flicks have stood the test of time pretty well... :)

  10. Empire Pictures was but a blip on the celluloid map compared with an outfit like New World. I don't think the reasoning needs to be explained as it's fairly obvious. And yes, ZONE TROOPERS is atrocious and that's coming from somebody who loves movies whether they're A, B, C or D. Outside of a few flicks like RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, DOLLS (all Stuart Gordon movies, mind you) that were consistently enjoyable, most everything else was disposable in my opinion.


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