Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blaxploitation Poster Gallery [Part 2]

Cool Breeze (Barry Pollack, 1972)

Cotton Comes to Harlem (Ossie Davis, 1970)

Darktown Strutters (William Witney, 1975)

Death Dimension (Al Adamson, 1978)

Death Journey (Fred Williamson, 1976)

Detroit 9000 (Arthur Marks, 1973)

Disco 9000 (D'Urville Martin, 1976)

Disco Godfather (J. Robert Wagoner, 1979)

Dolemite (D'Urville Martin, 1975)

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (William Crain, 1976)

The Dynamite Brothers (Al Adamson, 1974)

Ebony, Ivory, and Jade (Ciro H. Santiago, 1976)

Emma Mae (Jamaa Fanaka, 1976)

Fight For Your Life (Robert A. Endelson, 1977)

Fighting Mad AKA Death Force (Ciro H. Santiago, 1978)

Five on the Black Hand Side (Oscar Williams, 1973)

Foxtrap (Fred Williamson, 1986)

Foxy Brown (Jack Hill, 1974)

Friday Foster (Arthur Marks, 1975)

Gordon's War (Ossie Davis, 1973)

The Guy from Harlem (Rene Martinez Jr, 1977)

Hammer (Bruce D. Clark, 1972)

Hangup (Henry Hathaway, 1974)

Hell Up in Harlem (Larry Cohen, 1973)

Hit Man (George Armitage, 1972)

Hit! (Sidney J. Furie, 1973)

The Hitter (Christopher Leitch, 1979)

The Human Tornado (Cliff Roquemore, 1976)

I Escaped from Devil's Island (William Witney, 1973)

If He Hollers, Let Him Go (Charles Martin, 1968)

J. D.'s Revenge (Arthur Marks, 1976)

Lady Cocoa (Matt Cimber, 1975)

Leadbelly (Gordon Parks, 1976)

The Legend of Nigger Charley (Martin Goldman, 1972)

Let's Do It Again (Sidney Poitier, 1975)

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