Friday, 16 July 2010

A Truly Vampiric Collaboration

I have to bite into my Werner Herzog retrospective to bring you news of another collaboration I was invited to take part in. For those of you who have put up with my scribblings over the last few months you'll know that myself and Franco over at  the superb blog The Film Connoisseur have been partaking in a series of Top 5 movie countdowns (like NASA space shuttle launches but without the tense guys in sweat stained shirts!), well we are back to bring you a monster post dedicated to our favourite cinematic bloodsuckers - the vampire! This time we are joined by Venoms5 who runs the excellent Cool Ass Cinema blog. This is easily one of the most informed and entertaining blogs I have come across and I urge you all to check it out and lend your support. So follow the link and read up on the 16  most fascinating and blood drenched Vampire flicks we could come up with. 

 Monster Blog Post! 16 Unusual Vampire Movies!


  1. Thanks for collaborating Shaun, its been fun, plus, a lot of movies are popping up on the comments which I had not seen yet, this will be a way to get up to date on a couple of vampire movies I have not seen yet. They are so damn many we could probably do a second vampire movie blog post and it would work out just fine.

    Thanks again man!

  2. Excellent post! I'm always a little skeptical about vampire films due to Dracula being one of my least favourite horror villains - but when done properly (Let The Right One In for example) then they're fantastic.

    The post shines light on a few I haven't heard of, and some I have but just not yet got around to watching (Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires for example) so I'll make sure to try and check out a few mentioned.

    Excellent work :)

  3. Its always a pleasure Franco! I've enjoyed all of our collaborations thus far, and it makes a refreshing change to what I'm doing with my own's to many more!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post Liam - many thanks for your enthusiastic endorsement. I agree about Dracula by the way. I only genuinely like two films to feature the character - Hammer's version with Christopher Lee (my all time favourite) and Herzog's remake of NOSFERATU with Klaus Kinski as the Count. You'll love LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES...its so bad, its good!


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